Beta version of possible Android replacement rumored to be upcoming

Beta version of possible Android replacement rumored to be upcoming
You might recall that back in 2017 we told you that Google was working on a follow-up to Android that was called Fuchsia. Not much is known about Fuchsia which could end up as a replacement for both Android and Chrome. 9to5Google states that Google appears ready to give developers access to the open source OS possibly through the release of a beta version of the software.

Google would like Fuchsia to be a single operating system that would run more than one device. If past rumors turn out to be true, Fuchsia could be found on handsets, computers, smart speakers and more. And since it would be able to run Android apps, moving from Android to Fuchsia would be a snap for developers; the latter would have no issues moving their Android apps over even though Fuchsia is not based on Linux.

Code found in the Fuchsia project in late January signals that a beta release of Fuchia is coming. Besides references to "releases/F1" and "releases/F2," the Fuchsia bug tracker lists fixes expected to be found in an F3 version due out later. All of these different releases could indicate that Google will drop a beta version of Fuchsia for developers to look at and run using the specialized "Fuchsia Emulator."

In 2017 we told you about the Armadillo UI for Fuchsia that Google displayed. Even though it was flashy, Google eventually 86'd the UI and replaced it with bland graphics that are designed to help developers prepare their apps for the new OS. Not that there is a rush on that project; we shouldn't expect to see Fuchsia make it to prime time for quite a while yet.

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