Google says Chrome is now 30% faster on high-end Android devices due to recent improvements

Google says Chrome is now 30% faster on high-end Android devices due to recent improvements
Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers in the world, and the team behind it is committed to continually improving its performance. In a recent blog post, they outlined several ways in which they're making Chrome faster than ever before.

Google states that the improvements to Chrome's performance have been achieved through a number of optimizations made to the browser's underlying code. These optimizations include enhancements to the way Chrome handles JavaScript, which is a programming language commonly used on the web. Google claims that these enhancements have made JavaScript run up to 30% faster on Mac and Android devices.

In addition to the JavaScript optimizations, Google has also made changes to how Chrome manages its memory usage. According to the company, these changes have resulted in a substantial reduction in memory usage on Mac and Android platforms. This means that Chrome should now run more smoothly on devices with limited RAM, such as older smartphones or low-end computers. This is evidenced by the results of Apple's Speedometer 2.1 browser benchmark which saw saw a 10% increase over the course of three months, thanks to improved features and efficient pointer compression.

These performance improvements have been made possible by advancements in hardware and software technology, which have allowed the company to optimize Chrome's code more effectively. The company also claims that it will continue to work on improving Chrome's performance in the future, with the goal of providing users with the best possible browsing experience.

The improvements to Chrome's performance on Mac and Android devices are a significant step forward for the popular web browser. By reducing page load times and memory usage, Google has made Chrome a more efficient and effective tool for users who rely on it for their daily browsing needs. With further improvements planned for the future, it is clear that Google is committed to maintaining Chrome's position as one of the top web browsers available today.

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