AI on the rise - ChatGPT is now free for all, no account required

AI on the rise - ChatGPT is now free for all, no account required
ChatGPT, the world-changing, AI-driven chatbot, can now be accessed instantly, without the need to create an account or sign in. The OpenAI Foundation, the organization behind the popular AI engine, announced on Monday that it's starting to make the chatbot available to users around the globe without any need to sign in.

According to OpenAI, this move aims to “make tools like ChatGPT broadly available so that people can experience the benefits of AI.” There's a hidden benefit for the company as well.

More users means more training data for the AI algorithm, and more people could potentially decide to subscribe to the premium ChatGPT-4 version once they get a taste of how powerful modern AI is.

We tested the open access here in PhoneArena and found out that it's still not available in Bulgaria, but our good friends at Engadget confirmed that the instant access to the GPT-3.5 works in the States. We're talking about a gradual rollout, so if you, just like us, don't have the option available yet, try again later (as disappointing as this may sound).

There's a safety concern with users that don't need to sign in, and OpenAI says it takes it seriously. The company will block more prompts in suspicious and dubious categories in order to prevent misusing the AI model. "We’ve also introduced additional content safeguards for this experience, such as blocking prompts and generations in a wider range of categories," reads part of the official announcement.

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By the way, non-signed in users can also opt out of sharing their prompts for training purposes, they need to select the question mark next to the text box and go to Settings, then toggle the switch saying Improve the model for everyone.”

"More than 100 million people across 185 countries use ChatGPT weekly to learn something new, find creative inspiration, and get answers to their questions," writes OpenAI in the blog post. We would argue that some of these use the language model to slack off and get the AI slave to do some work for them, but we don't have enough information to predict how this would impact humanity. Just be careful how you treat your future AI overlord!

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