Carrier EE blocks 11 million scam calls in the UK in one month

Carrier EE blocks 11 million scam calls in the UK in one month
Scam callers are as annoying as they are dangerous. They are so irritating, and at the same time, if you are not careful, you can become their victim. This is why carriers invest a lot of resources in establishing better and better protection against malicious actors. And now, in a new blog post, UK carrier EE officially shared some good news in the fight against scam callers.

According to the carrier, 11 million fraud attempts have been blocked so far in the UK since it launched its upgraded scam call blocking technology in July 2022. EE also states that its new method stops over 1 million international scam calls per day.

As EE explained, its firewall technology utilizes AI, which scans calls from other countries that pass through the UK Calling Line Identification (CLI) and blocks those that pretend to be from the UK. This way, it protects its customers and the clients of the other networks because the numbers get blocked before they get forwarded further down the phone grid.

EE also mentioned that its text anti-spam filter has blocked 200 million scam texts since launching last year, which is 50 million more than it predicted last July.

However, although such technologies undoubtedly lower the risk of receiving scam calls and texts, we still need to be vigilant and careful. As EE reminded us, when we receive a suspicious, unprompted call or text message from an unknown contact, we need to stop and think for a moment, and consider if what we are being told from the other end sounds plausible or sensible. If you suspect there’s a bad actor at play, send the caller's number to 7726 so that your carrier can investigate.

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