Carl Pei may have a surprise for the design of the Nothing Phone (2)

Carl Pei may have a surprise for the design of the Nothing Phone (2)
The Nothing Phone (2) is certainly one of the most awaited Android phones of 2023. Sure, we do expect that the new version of Nothing’s flagship smartphone will be more powerful than its predecessor. But this company and this phone is all about the design, which is in a word, unforgettable.

While we don’t have a definitive release date for the Nothing Phone (2), the frequency of leaks regarding the phone has increased. We reported that the device will be manufactured in India, but just before that we also shared some spicy leaked renders.

Here’s the thing: the renders came from a tweet by Steve H.McFly. Typically, this is a very reliable source and more often than not, the info shared by him turns out to be at least partially true.

Carl Pei — owner and founder of Nothing — doesn’t seem to think so, though. Now, this may very well be in regards to something else. We may be missing the mark entirely. But the timing does feel oddly coincidental, no?

The cool thing about this story is that someone actually shouted out the twitter-tipster, so in response he managed to express his thoughts on the topic. And in a somewhat unexpected fashion, Steve Hemmerstoffe pretty much stood by his words.

Now, there is an important note to be made here: no one ever made the pretense that these renders are 100% accurate. As Steve pointed out himself, they are based on photos of the phone while it is still in development.

While Steve’s confidence certainly makes us think that the Nothing Phone sequel will stick to what its predecessor established, Carl Pei’s comments make us hopeful for some sort of surprise.

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Hear me out: the LEDs on the Nothing Phone (1) aren’t obvious until they light up. So what if the company found a way to step things up even further? A way that is equally indistinguishable when not in use? This feels like the only "best of both worlds" type of scenario.

Regardless, until we see the Nothing Phone (2) announced, we won’t know for sure. Ultimately, what we'll remember going forward won't be who was wrong and who was right, but if the phone was awesome or not. And we hope that this is just Carl Pei’s way of teasing that it will, in fact, be just that. 

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