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10 best sports games for Android and iOS in 2020

With major sports leagues on hold and advice to stay home, we’re sure most of you are itching to watch or play sports. What better opportunity then to try some of the best sports games for smartphones. We’ve selected 10 games available both for Android and iOS that cover the most popular sports around. No matter what your favorite pastime is, we have a digital replacement for it. Let’s begin!

Madden NFL Mobile Football

The NFL season ended before the worldwide pandemic, but that doesn’t mean NFL fans don’t miss their favorite sport. For them, we can offer the mobile version of the super-popular Madden NFL. The game is free and you get all the licensed teams and players but of course, there’s a caveat. The best players are unlocked by opening packs and those can be bought with either in-game currency or real money. Don’t worry, though, the game offers plenty of activities, giving you a chance to earn packs for free.

The user interface design and graphics of the game are top-notch, you won’t find a better football replacement on mobile, that’s for sure.

NBA Live Mobile basketball

We’re naturally progressing from the NFL to the NBA. Another mobile game from EA and another great implementation. The concept here is slightly different. In career mode, you can choose a superstar player and build a team around them. This way you get to enjoy playing with your favorite NBA star while also having some limits so you don’t make a team that’s too powerful. You can also play just individual games and beyond the known NBA arenas, you can even shoot hoops at a few street courts for a more relatable experience.

The gameplay has some limitations coming from the fact that you have only two thumbs to control stuff but you’ll enjoy it nonetheless.

MLB 9 Innings 20

The baseball season might be postponed but you can start your own one in Major League Baseball Innings 9 20. Innings 9 20 lets you manage your team and upgrade your players based on packs as well. You can combine your lower-level baseball cards for a chance of a higher-tier one which gives the players better stats. Naturally, there’s a manager aspect to this game as well, so you better choose the right lineup!

When it comes to the gameplay itself, you get what you’d expect: you pitch, you bat, all the usual joys of baseball. So go have at it!

Hockey All Stars

As usual, hockey is a bit on the sidelines when it comes to the major leagues and doesn’t have its own official NHL game for smartphones. Which means that your best option is Hockey All Stars. Don’t expect to see any of the real team logos or even player names although some will sound quite familiar. The game is also not nearly as polished or good-looking as EA’s games but it still provides decent gameplay and will entertain you just fine.

The players’ movements are… let’s say not graceful and leave it at that. But we get it, there’s only so much developers can do without being able to lure users with Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin and we appreciate the effort put into this game.

eFootball PES 2020

When it comes to soccer, EA steps down and gives way to Konami, and the mobile version of PES 2020. PES is focused on the actual gameplay, as it should be, and delivers probably the best soccer mobile experience ever. You get some of the biggest stars and all the proper teams and leagues and although the graphics might be slightly behind EA’s FIFA, you won’t really notice that because you’ll be enjoying the game so much. If you’re bummed out about all the European championships being on hold, PES 2020 is the game to play.

EA Sports UFC

So maybe you like something a bit more violent… Well, the cross-section between sports, violence and mobile games is only one and that’s EA Sports UFC. Go into the octagon controlling one of the UFC superstars like Connor McGregor and keep fighting until there’s only one person standing. Kicks, punches, locks and all sorts of combos are your way to beat the living hell out of your opponent, all in the spirit of UFC.

As far as mobile fighting simulators are concerned, this is the right choice.

Grand Mountain Adventure

If you’re still longing after the winter and white mountain slopes, we have just the right thing for you. Grand Mountain Adventure is a surprisingly relaxing game. Of course, you have time trials where you ride between gates down the slope, but there’s also a free-roam mode where there’s no rush to collect bonuses or prompts telling you what to do. You can simply carve the snow as you feel like and the graphics are good enough to give you the satisfaction of spraying snow when you take a sharp turn.

There are plenty of things to unlock and races to participate in to keep you occupied even if just slashing around is too boring for you.

Ultimate Tennis

Ultimate Tennis adds a bit of an arcade twist to tennis to make it more exciting. You get to experience different players, surfaces and tournaments and even learn special moves that will help you send a ball that’s impossible for your opponent to stop. Sure, it’s not the most realistic game, but we’re here for the entertainment and that’s what Ultimate Tennis delivers.

Golf King — World Tour

Golf is not a sport known for its huge crowds but you should probably avoid playing it for the moment just in case. What you can do instead, however, is play Golf King - World Tour. The game offers a ton of courses designed with beautiful detail and all the sticks you need to get that ball in the hole. There is also plenty of clothing you can use to customize your player. After all, the outfits are an important part of golf, you gotta look the part. Pay attention to your attire because you can play against real opponents and they might judge more than your swing.

F1 Mobile Racing

Last, but not least, it’s time for motorsports. If you need to get your Formula 1 fix then you can’t go elsewhere than F1 Mobile Racing. The teams, tracks and players are as they were for the 2019 season but the way things are going, we’re not sure when the new version will come out. Still, though, the top drivers are at the same teams as last year so you can just pretend it’s the season in-game. Hop in your favorite car and race either against the AI or real players, it’s up to you!

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