AT&T undercuts T-Mobile and Verizon with unusual new 5G Value Plus plan

AT&T undercuts T-Mobile and Verizon with unusual new 5G Value Plus plan
It's no longer a big secret that AT&T essentially has nothing on its arch-rivals when it comes to both 5G speeds and availability nowadays, with T-Mobile's mid-band advantages being thoroughly documented over the last year or so and Verizon's edge likely to widen after recent C-band rollouts.

For what it's worth, the third-largest US wireless service provider in terms of subscribers could make up some of that lost ground as early as next year, dedicating a significant chunk of its resources in the meantime to winning the 5G value war.

After making headlines on the ultra-affordable prepaid plan front less than two months ago, Ma Bell apparently expanded its postpaid lineup more recently with little to no fanfare to include an aptly named "Value Plus" option.

Currently found in the "Other Plans" section of the carrier's dedicated webpage, this is obviously cheaper than the Unlimited Elite, Unlimited Extra, and Unlimited Starter options while also including "unlimited" talk, text, and data.

You get full and unrestricted 5G network access as well, but the "catch" is that you can only activate one line of service on this very interesting new plan in exchange for $50 a month (with AutoPay and paperless billing). The list of Value Plus perks is also understandably short, with no hotspot data whatsoever, no Stadia Pro freebies, and of course, video streaming limited to SD quality.

Still, if the single-line restriction doesn't bother you, you'll immediately notice how incredibly competitive this plan is. At least as far as postpaid alternatives are concerned, there... simply aren't any on the market right now that can come close to the quality/price ratio on offer at AT&T.

T-Mobile and Verizon's comparable Essentials and 5G Start Plans are priced at $60 and $70 respectively for one line of unlimited everything, with their main strength being that you can save big if you're looking for multiple lines of service.

But if you're not and you don't need mobile hotspot data, the only way to beat AT&T today is to go the prepaid route, in which case you could also choose AT&T

Bottom line, the US wireless industry is clearly undergoing a drastic and completely unexpected transformation, with T-Mobile becoming the speed champion with the sub-par customer support and AT&T rising to the top of the value (plus) ranks.

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