Just in time for the holidays, AT&T will launch its first tablet for kids this coming Friday

Just in time for the holidays, AT&T will launch its first tablet for kids this coming Friday
AT&T this morning announced its first tablet designed for children. Available starting this Friday, November 4th, the device is a Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite edition with special hardware and software made for kids. Here's the deal folks, young children can use a tablet to help them with school work and to entertain them. And this slate features an easy-to-setup system that will allow parents to restrict access to apps and the internet.

The tablet sports an 8.7-inch display with a built-in rugged case to protect the device from the kids that it is designed for (whether it will stop Tom Brady from damaging it is another story). AT&T says that the tablet has a long-lasting battery and the slate has added privacy and security features. For example, parents can check a usage report that will show them exactly what their kids are doing with their tablets.

The tablet, as we already pointed out, will be available starting this Friday priced at less than $7 per month. It comes pre-installed with Samsung's Kid App which is loaded with family-friendly activities to help them learn and grow. And a tablet could help give your kid an edge in the classroom.

Picking a connected device for your children is not easy which is why AT&T has teamed up with the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) to offer a 10-question online quiz (no studying required) to help determine whether your kids are ready to carry a cellphone. You can also learn about digital safety and digital parenting from the AT&T ScreenReady website available by tapping on this link.

You might be doing your kid a big favor if he or she is responsible enough to own a tablet. Remember, you'll be able to limit your child's access to apps and the internet and know exactly what your child is using the tablet for. And with the holiday shopping season around the corner, this would make a great gift. That is, if you have the willpower to wait until Hanukah or Christmas to hand over the tablet to your son or daughter.

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