AT&T introduces a Snake-like AR game on Messenger and Instagram

AT&T introduces a Snake-like AR game on Messenger and Instagram
In an attempt to show how fast its 5G network is, AT&T teamed up with Facebook Reality Labs and launched Warp Speed Worm, an augmented reality Snake-like game effect in Group Effects for you to play on Messenger and Instagram.

To play Warp Speed Worm, open the Messenger or Instagram app on your phone and start a video call. Then open the effects tray by tapping the smiley face and select Group Effects. Find the Warp Speed Worm AR effect and begin playing.

The controls of Warp Speed Worm are simple. Just nod to begin the game, and to control the worm, tilt your head. While playing the game, you will pick up food and navigate through pipes. The goal of Warp Speed Worm is like the original Snake game: make your worm bigger and bigger until it eats its tail.

With Warp Speed Worm, AT&T wants to show how smooth your video call could be by using AT&T's 5G network. Even though you will be playing an AR game in a video call with your friends, AT&T claims its 5G network will provide a smooth connection and fast speed.

Although Warp Speed Worm is made to show the capabilities of AT&T's 5G network, you can play Warp Speed Worm even if you are not using AT&T's 5G network. The AR game effect is accessible through Facebook's Messenger and the Instagram app, so as long as you have a fast and stable internet connection, the game should work.

Warp Speed Worm isn't the first time AT&T and Facebook Reality Labs team up to create an AR game effect. In July, AT&T and Facebook Reality Labs released Space Jam: A New Legacy as their first collaborative AR effect. With Space Jam: A New Legacy, you can take a photo or shoot a video with your favorite characters from the Space Jam movie in it.

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