Apple has started work on a foldable iPhone

Apple has started work on a foldable iPhone
Foldable iPhone concept — iOS Beta News

Some Android manufacturers like Samsung and Motorola have been selling foldable devices for quite some time. Other brands, like Xiaomi, are in the process of creating their own competitors.

Now, Apple has started work too.

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Apple's foldable iPhone is now under development

Bloomberg reports that Apple has developed prototype foldable displays for internal testing purposes, although the testing hasn’t expanded beyond the displays, so there still aren’t foldable iPhone prototypes.

The foldable iPhone launch plans haven’t been finalized, but Apple has reportedly discussed several sizes and seems to be leaning towards a Galaxy Z Flip-like experience.

One of the proposed displays unfolds into an iPhone that’s around the same size as the 6.7-inch iPhone 12 Pro Max. The included hinge is mostly invisible, as is the case on existing Samsung foldable phones.

Rumors about a Surface Duo-like foldable iPhone with separate displays and a visible hinge have been floating around in recent months, but this idea was not mentioned in today’s report.

Regardless of which path Apple chooses to take, a foldable iPhone is very likely years away and could even be scrapped. In the meantime, Samsung is doubling down on its foldable efforts and has plans to release considerably cheaper foldable devices in 2021. 

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