Apple will now give you a free iPhone XR during longer repairs

Apple will now give you a free iPhone XR during longer repairs
Up until now, Apple was nice enough to offer its customers a free iPhone 8 for the duration of lengthy repairs as part of its loaner program. An internal memo sent to Apple Store employees and certified technicians, however, has revealed that the iPhone 8 will soon be stepping down as the default loaner device. Instead, the iPhone XR will be taking its place (via MacRumors).

The iPhone 8 is just about four years old now, and that number carries a lot of outdated design choices and performance issues. The iPhone XR, at the very least, won’t take customers back to the last era of smartphones.

Larger screens, a somewhat modern design, and acceptable performance are all benefits that this change will bring. The A12 found in the XR alone provides a 50% graphics performance compared to the A11 in iPhone 8. Face ID is also a nice addition that is missing in the iPhone 8, however, some actually prefer having the Touch ID, so that’s a debatable subject.

Of course, don’t expect the Apple Store or Apple Authorized Service Providers to give you a loaner just like that. One is eligible for the loaner program only if you fit the criteria laid out in the iPhone Loan Agreement. If you match the conditions and get one, you have to return the phone in no more than 14 days after your repaired iPhone is ready for pickup.

As you might have guessed, you also have to do a factory reset of the loaner iPhone before returning it—after all, you don’t want them looking at your gallery now, do you?

Apple Stores and Apple Authorized Service Providers will start loaning the iPhone XR starting November 4 in the U.S. and other regions.

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