Apple Watch Series 4 may have saved another life by correctly diagnosing heart condition

Apple Watch Series 4 may have saved another life by correctly diagnosing heart condition
The Apple Watch Series 4 earned rave reviews before the company could even activate what’s undoubtedly the best new feature of the heavily upgraded wearable device and arguably the greatest breakthrough in the (short) history of smartwatches.

Now that ECG functionality on the wrist is officially a thing, Apple’s grand vision of saving lives using mainstream consumer technology can actually be realized. And despite initial fears the FDA-approved electrocardiogram monitoring would prove inaccurate or unreliable, more and more people are expressing their satisfaction and gratitude for the revolutionary functionality in the media.

The latest such feel-good report hails from Nashua, New Hampshire, where a proud new Apple Watch Series 4 owner was alerted about a previously undiagnosed heart condition. Upon being advised by his (extremely) intelligent timepiece to contact his doctor, Barry Maden rushed to the ER, where he was subjected to an “actual, real deal” EKG (or ECG) test.

The result was in line with the notification received from the latest Apple Watch variant after performing its own, slightly less professional heart examination. Consequently, Maden was sedated and his heart was “essentially stopped and restarted by doctors”, which sounds incredibly scary.

But properly diagnosed AFib (atrial fibrillation) is a perfectly manageable condition, so the hero of our story is now alive and well, thanking his lucky stars he was wise enough to buy an Apple Watch Series 4 as a personal “fun tech gift around Christmas.”

The self-described “tech geek” reckons it would have taken him longer to discover the culprit behind his very serious health issue were it not for his new gadget. Despite sensing something was wrong, the man chalked it all up to a feeling of anxiety “around traveling for the holidays” before receiving an alert from the recently enabled ECG app.

Atrial fibrillation is associated with an increased risk of heart failure, dementia, and stroke, especially when going untreated for a long period of time. It’s hard to say whether the Apple Watch actually saved Barry Maden’s life, but it definitely helped him escape a major health scare. Now that’s what we call meaningful tech innovation!
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