Apple Watch reunited with its owner through Find My after being lost at sea

Apple Watch reunited with its owner through Find My after being lost at sea
This is a thrilling tale, brimming with shocking twists and turns, concerning an Apple Watch that was lost at sea. But through trial and tribulation, it managed to get back to its rightful owner. Okay, I’m overexposing things a bit for dramatic effect, but can you blame me?

If there was ever a requirement for time spent at sea in order to be considered a sailor, this Apple Watch might just fit the criteria. But is that shocking, considering that the Apple Watch is one of the best smartwatches on the market?

With its superior water-resistance rating, the Apple Watch is absolutely capable of tackling not only water, but salt water, which is typically deadly to all manner of electronics. Not only that, but features such as Found My and Lost Mode played key parts in this story, so listen up.

Enter stage right: Jefferson Rocha during his visit to Brazil. Our main character was in Rio de Janeiro on a schooner trip, after which he decided to take a quick swim in the ocean. But while underwater, the watch somehow slipped off his wrist. And if you’ve ever been in a similar situation, you know that catching something in the water is a pretty difficult task.

Needless to say, he couldn’t catch the watch. He got some of his trip mates to follow the watch around through its GPS location, which was shown in the Find My app, but to no avail. Soon after that, the watch’s battery died. At this point, Rocha had lost hope.

An ending like that, however, wouldn’t have made for a very fun story. The next day, Rocha was surprised to get a notification from the Find My app, inviting him to turn on Lost Mode on the seafaring Apple Watch. In this mode, the watch is capable of displaying its owner’s contact details, so that if anyone finds it, they could get in touch.

Meanwhile, a 50 year old man, working as a caretaker at a coral park, finds a lost Apple Watch washed ashore. He gives it to his 16 years old daughter, who also happens to own an Apple Watch too. As such, she juiced back up the discovered watch to reveal Rocha’s info, which she then used to get in touch with him and arrange the coveted return.

Naturally, Rocha was shocked at first. He didn't suspect that the Apple Watch could survive in the water this long, let alone in a condition that could get it back in his hands. So there you have it: good hardware in good hands restoring the good in humanity.

And in case…

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