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Apple again makes fun of 'your phone' in latest batch of 'switch to iPhone' ads

Posted: , by Milen Yanachkov Milen Yanachkov

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Apple has released two new short videos in its 'Switch to iPhone' series, both of which highlight some stand-out iOS features, all the while playing down the competition in true Apple fashion.

The first video touts the Apple App Store as the most secure digital storefront for mobile purchases, while portraying "your store" as a messy, dangerous place. It's all quite innocent, of course, and nothing that we haven't seen before. One funny detail that you may have missed is that all the icons on the "other" store are badly designed and have different shapes. Oh, Apple.

The second clip puts Portrait Mode at the forefront, without making too much fun of the competition. The video highlights Portrait Mode's different studio lighting features, which is still kind of funny, though in a different way, considering how many other companies have copied Portrait Mode to a T.

To watch both videos, check out Apple's YouTube channel.


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