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Bored at home? Apple suggests using your creativity in new TV ad

Bored at home? Apple suggests using your creativity in new TV ad
Are you sick and tired of being stuck at home during the coronavirus outbreak? Perhaps all you need is a dash of creativity. Look, it might be several months before you get to venture out of the house safely and you might as well go with the flow. Tapping into your creativity could be the difference in simply making it through the current crisis and actually being able to live through it.

So Apple has dropped what could end up being a 60-second commercial titled "Creativity goes on." The clip starts with some images that typify the current crisis while The Young Ebenezers' "Asleep at the Parade" plays in the background: a bored child looking forlornly out the window; a lone teddy bear keeping guard outside a house; a local cinema putting up an inspirational message. But the video then shows things that people can do at home using Apple products.

Today at Apple moves its menu of activities from the stores to your home

For example, a mother takes photos of her baby using a MacBook for editing; a man live streams a homemade version of the news also using a MacBook. The iPad and iPad Pro together with an Apple Pencil open up many possibilities. This is also a good time to work on your musicianship and other performing arts such as dancing or filmmaking. And the iPad and MacBook are the perfect devices to accompany you on this journey according to Apple's video. With FaceTime, those with an Apple device can get together to play chess or other games, and with up to 32 participants able to participate in a video conversation at the same time, the whole gang can get together for brainstorming sessions.

Apple has updated its "Today at Apple" web page, which usually tells you what events are taking place at your nearby Apple Store. With the latter shut until further notice, Apple has changed the name of the site to "Today at Apple At Home." There you will find some activities to do hosted by creative pros who work at various Apple Stores around the world. For example, Harriet from Apple Regent Street in London shows you how to turn a photo into a unique portrait using an iPad to add colors and doodles. Cameron from Apple Orchard Road in Singapore will make your pictures look more artistic by showing you how to use angles and edits. And if you want to capture your personality in your selfies, watch the video made by Adrian from Apple Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica. These aren't just for kids; grownups will learn something from watching them too.

In addition, Apple is sharing some other links that you might find useful. Click on this link to see a whole month's worth of activities for kids suggested by Apple in a pdf file. There is even a space to check off each time you complete an activity. If you're a teacher still connecting remotely to students, the Apple Education Learning Series allows you to view videos that teach you how to use Apple devices to enable remote learning. And educators can join a 30-minute virtual conference with other educators to discuss the content of each video.

Apple is also offering free 90 day trials of its Logic Pro X app for the Mac that features a "massive collection of effects and instruments." If you're using your at-home time to work on recording music, this offer just might come in handy. The app, made for professionals, is priced at $199.99. If movie making is more your thing, Apple is offering 90-day free trials for its Final Cut Pro X app. This is used for post-production work by professionals and costs $299.99.

No one knows for sure how long it will take until we can feel safe leaving our homes. For now, the best thing you can do is tap the creative part of your mind before you go nuts.
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