Check out Apple's official new product videos for the first 5G iPhone models

Official Apple videos
Apple announced some big changes to the iPhone today during the "Hi, Speed" event. The addition of 5G support, the new powerful 5nm A14 Bionic chipset, the Ceramic Shield (which makes the display 4 times likely to survive a short drop without a crack or a scratch), and the retro flat-edged design might lead some consumers to open their wallets and purchase one of the new models.

Apple releases the videos it played during today's Hi, Speed event

For some consumers, television ads or official videos can stimulate the iPhone center of the brain. Do you remember those very first iPhone ads back in 2007? Apple was actually showing the public how this device worked while displaying the cool features of the phone. The very first line of the very first ad was "This is how you turn it on." By the time the iPhone 3G was released, everyone knew what an iPhone was and Apple changed its ads to focus on the newly opened App Store.
Let's take a look at the official videos that Apple released today. Some will end up on television, edited down to 30 or 60 seconds. Let's start with the Meet iPhone 12 video which weighs in at 90 seconds. The video shows how the handset will allow you to view download streaming content, upload photos, stream videos, and play video games using a 5G signal.
It also shows how one can record a video, edit, and share it quickly in Dolby Vision. And Night Mode is now available on all iPhone 12 cameras include the front facing FaceTime snapper. Yes, you can snap selfies in the dark without using the flash. The video also shows the twice-as-fast MagSafe wireless charging system and there is a short cameo by the iPhone 12 mini.

The next video is all about the iPhone 12 Pro models and is called "This is iPhone Pro 12." Like the video for the iPhone 12, the one for the Pro models mentions the 5nm A14 Bionic chip, the Ceramic Shield, Mag Safe, 5G, and the 5nm A14 Bionic chipset. The larger sensors used on the iPhone 12 Pro Max rear camera array help low-light performance increase by 87% and the Time-of-Flight based LiDAR depth sensor improves portraits by creating enhanced bokeh blurs. As for its video capabilities, the movie industry considers the iPhone 12 Pro an essential piece of kit especially since it is the first device that can capture, playback, and edit 10-bit HDR footage with Dolby Vision.

A 30-second ad for the HomePod mini is what you'll find below. Apple's original smart speaker was expensive and much too ambitious for a device in this category. At 3.3-inches, the HomePod mini is half the size of the original model and it uses the same S5 chip that powers the Apple Watch Series 5 and the Apple Watch SE. The device can support third-party streamers such as Pandora and Amazon Music. We're not sure that this ad will help generate interest in the HomePod mini and there might be a select group of non-techies that might mistake the HomePod mini for a decorative candle inside a round glass holder.

Now we know this is absolutely hard to believe, but there might be some consumers in the U.S. and around the world who didn't know that Apple unveiled the new iPhone 12 family today. And it is possible that these poor souls didn't even know that the new models support 5G. We could confuse them some more by discussing the difference between sub-6GHz and mmWave 5G. Meanwhile, if you did miss today's event and are short on time, check out today's event by clicking on the video below. The whole thing requires only 51 seconds of your life to view.

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