PSA: Do not delete Apple Pay Cash from your iPhone running iOS 11.2

While iOS 11.2 allows you to delete Apple Pay Cash, you won't get it back
It was just last weekend when Apple pushed out iOS 11.2 to stop a bug related to the date of December 2nd, from continuously crashing certain iPhone models powered by iOS 11.1.2. The affected units were receiving set notifications from certain apps, that were coming from inside the user's iPhone. While iOS 11.2 stopped the madness, it also added new features such as three new live wallpapers for the iPhone X, faster wireless charging for compatible iPhone units, and Apple Pay Cash. The peer-to-peer payment system didn't actually start up until the following Monday.

Some new revelations about iOS 11.2 and Apple Pay Cash have come out. If you delete Apple Pay Cash on an iPhone running the latest iOS build, you will not be able to reinstall it on iMessage unless you wipe iOS off of your iPhone and reinstall it. That comes from an employee who works for Apple Support. However, we should note that even if you remove Apple Pay Cash from your iPhone, you can still transfer money using the new feature by requesting a money transfer from Siri.

Perhaps Apple will be able to come up with a software update that will allow users to delete and add Apple Pay Cash to iMessage at their will. But for now, if you think that you might use Apple Pay Cash some time in the future, leave it on your iPhone.

source: iDropNews

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