Ted Lasso's Nick Mohammed is just your 'average' iPhone user in new privacy-focused Apple ad

Ted Lasso's Nick Mohammed is just your 'average' iPhone user in new privacy-focused Apple ad
Apple is sure proud of all the privacy-protecting and security-enhancing features it has added to its iPhones over the last couple of years, taking advantage of multiple advertising opportunities to highlight what the company clearly views as a crucial user benefit compared to the competition's offerings in the same field.

Of course, there's quite a bit of evidence that seems to suggest Cupertino's privacy claims are inflated at best or outright deceptive at worst, but explosive media reports and damning lawsuits are not standing in the way of a new commercial's release on YouTube.

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This is nowhere near as clever (or as short and punchy) as last year's 90-second "Data Auction" video, but it does star a very familiar face and it focuses a lot more on informing the public than your average iPhone advert.

If you're not aware of everything that iOS 16 can do to keep your personal data away from prying eyes, the newly uploaded video embedded above may well come as a revelation, detailing a few particularly shady practices designed by marketers and app developers to follow all your online activity and a number of very simple tools adopted by Apple to combat those ploys.

At nearly six minutes, the commercial can get a little tiring and repetitive, but "Ted Lasso" fans will undoubtedly appreciate Nick Mohammed's dry British humor and self-deprecation while the much lesser-known actor playing the "Apple Specialist" part manages to perfectly match the comedic timing of the two-time Emmy Award nominee.

Mohammed obviously doesn't have the charisma and name recognition of recent Apple TV+ ad star Timothée Chalamet, but that's both part of the joke and the appeal of the latest privacy-centric iPhone commercial.

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