New Apple TV+ ad begs the obvious question - can Timothée Chalamet do prison?

New Apple TV+ ad begs the obvious question - can Timothée Chalamet do prison?
Between "Ted Lasso", "Severance", "Black Bird", "The Morning Show", and Jason Momoa's upcoming "Chief of War", you might be wondering who doesn't have an Apple show at this point.

Surprisingly or not, the answer is Academy Award nominee Timothée Chalamet, who starred in not one but two different movies nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars last year, both of which lost to "CODA." And yes, you guessed it, that was an Apple TV+ (co) production as well.

So what can one of the biggest movie stars in the world do to get himself a piece of that sweet Apple pie even the legendary Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio are just about ready to feast on? A commercial seems like a good place to start, and the one Chalamet is headlining just so happens to strike a nearly flawless balance between entertainment and information.

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It's certainly nice to see someone who has both "Dune: Part Two" and "Wonka" in the pipeline not taking himself too seriously as he ponders the prospect of doing something "weird" like "Severance" and pines for his own Selena Gomez-style documentary.

While Chalamet doesn't appear entirely convinced he could "do prison" to follow in the Golden Globe-nominated footsteps of Taron Egerton, his frustration at not being asked to participate in any Apple projects (yet) hilariously erupts into a rather... fair criticism of "Sudeikis with a mustache."

Brilliantly conceived and perfectly executed, this latest Apple TV+ ad could only be made... even more perfect with the announcement of a new show starring Timothée Chalamet himself. Or how about giving the guy his own documentary? The Armie Hammer stories gathered on the set of "Call Me by Your Name" alone would instantly make that more interesting than Netflix's entire original programming slate right now.

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