Latest iPhone 12 Pro Max image renders hint the notch hasn't budged much

Latest iPhone 12 Pro Max image renders show the notch hasn't budged much
Apple's iPhones will undertake a comparatively big redesign this year, and the team from Cupertino is expected to ditch LCD displays for a complete switch to OLEDs in 2020, as well as introduce a flatter side frame.

The display diagonals are expected to stay 5.8-inch, 6.06-inch, and 6.4-inch but a new 5.4" iPhone 12 is expected to be introduced, and the flexible OLEDs will be weaved into a new external look. The tip about the redesigned iPhone 2020 models jibes with the rumor that Apple may reinvent the notch into a smaller top bezel protrusion.

Apple had initial troubles producing the Face ID modules for the iPhone X which first had them, due to the precision needed for certain parts, but now all of this is behind it, and there have even been reports that its suppliers have managed to shrink the kit further.

If Finisar and other Apple TrueDepth camera sensor suppliers have managed to make the whole setup even smaller, it would explain why Apple may have decided to improve the screen-to-body ratio further, as the current state of its "all-screen" efforts clashes with its minimalist design heritage pretty obviously. 

In addition, Apple has already patented several ways it might go about without a notch. One includes holes in the display itself, and another a matrix underneath that will let the sensor emitters pass between the pixels themselves.

Thus, all rumors point that it may shrink the notch a bit to even out with the frame more. From the same source that tipped us about the iPhone 6 design based on case maker CAD and image renders, now comes the iPhone 12 design, and the notch has indeed shrunk a tad, as you can see below. Nothing drastic, though, and not as much as on other renders we've seen lately, so this seems to be an evolution of the existing design, rather than a brand new undertaking, if the renders here hold water in the end.

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For the iPhone 12 series, Apple will reportedly introduce a new metal midframe shape that you see above, coupled with a different back panel than what we have now, as well as the aforementioned brand new 5.4" form factor. When you add the 5G modem, the 5nm apple A14, and the potential for Lidar cameras on the back of the Pro models, the innovation may be just enough to attract the upgrade crowds.

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