Apple stops downgrades from iOS 15.2.1 as well, intros a new iOS update policy

Apple stops signing iOS 15.2, blocking downgrade from iOS 15.2.1
Apple stopped signing off on iOS 14 security updates recently, and instead only gave iPhone users the option to upgrade their mobile operating system to the latest iOS 15 version update as opposed to listing both choices as usual. 

It is now saying that the failure to list any iOS 14 security updates as a choice was not a temporary fluke but rather the choice has been a temporary solution. We are inclined to believe it, because those same iPhone and iPad users who may now want to downgrade from the latest iOS 15.2.1 update to the previous 15.2 version will be out of luck, as Apple stopped signing those too.

Now, we don't know if that's a fluke, or if it is necessitated by the fact that iOS 15.2.1 arrived to fix security vulnerabilities and various bugs that caused the iOS devices or CarPlay to crash.

When iOS 15.2 arrived back in December, it brought new features like Digital Legacy, the Apple Music Voice Plan, an App Privacy Report and others like the safety alerts for children using Messages, while the 15.2.1 update was strictly for security and bug fixes. Apple, however, did the same thing with the iOS 15.2 update, preventing users from downgrading.

There aren't many people apart from the jailbreaking community that would be willing to revert back to the previous iOS version, but it would be nice to know that you can if something goes wrong on the way to the latest incremental iOS version update. 

Apparently, there's a new, unannounced policy in town regarding Apple's iOS updates, perhaps necessitated by the surprisingly slow iOS 15 adoption rate and uptake among iOS devices globally.

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