Apple pulls HomeKit software update that brings the Matter protocol on board

Apple pulls HomeKit update
Apple has apparently halted the update that completely revamps the underlying HomeKit architecture and brings the Matter standard to Apple's smart home solution. The update was brought alongside the iOS 16.2/iPad OS 16.2 that arrived last week, and was available as soon as you opened the Home app, but the option to do so seems to have been disabled server-side by Apple. 

The reason for the unpleasant situation seem to be some pretty big problems that the transition to the Matter standard could have potentially brought upon HomeKit enthusiasts. Matter, hailed as the next big thing in the smart home space, is a smart home protocol that allows smart home gadgets to be interoperable and seamlessly communicate with one another, as well as be mostly ecosystem-agnostic, meaning that you might use them either with Apple's HomeKit, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Samsung SmartThings, or any other. 

If you've already jumped the gun and upgraded your HomeKit architecture, the update seems to be intact, though users who missed their chance to grab the software update are currently unable to move to the new architecture. That's for the good, as there were seemingly more than enough issues to force Apple to pause the rollout. 

Hopefully, HomeKit users wouldn't have to wait for too long before the option to upgrade HomeKit pops up once again. Optimistically, we wouldn't have to wait for iOS 16.3 to do so. 

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