Apple is reportedly seeking partners for the Apple Car among South Korean carmakers

Apple reportedly visited South Korean carmakers in talks for the Apple Car
Although Apple has yet to publicly acknowledge it is working on an Apple Car, rumors and reports have been circulating the internet about it for a while now. 9to5Mac now reports Apple could be meeting with carmakers from South Korea to discuss the Apple Car.

Apple is reportedly talking to South Korean carmakers for the Apple Car

Industry insiders from South Korea report that Cupertino representatives have visited the country in regards to the making of the Apple Car. The same sources have claimed that Apple is seeking business partners in Korea for its EV business.

So far, Apple has reportedly had discussions with LG, SK, and Hanwha; however, these talks are still in the early stages and nothing is finalized.

Earlier, we have seen reports that Apple has discussed the Apple Car with a wide range of reliable and established car manufacturers, such as Hyundai/Kia, Nissan, BMW, and Canoo. We even heard the Hyundai/Kia deal was finalized, but then this report was rebuked.

Reportedly, Apple has had talks with SK Innovation, a company that's making EV batteries, and LG Electronics. However, representatives from both SK and LG Electronics have stated it is "hard to confirm" whether or not these meetings with Apple had taken place.

At the moment, details for the Apple Car and even its possible launch are still a mystery.

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