Apple admits to SIM bug on iPhone 14 line

Apple admits to SIM bug on iPhone 14 line
Apple is admitting in an internal memo seen by MacRumors that there is a problem with the iPhone 14 series that results in a pop-up message that says, "SIM Not Supported" which is often followed by the freezing of the device. While Apple said that it is investigating the issue, it did rule out the possibility that it is a hardware problem. The company is asking its customers to make sure that they keep their software up to date.

Bug forces pop-up that says "SIM Not Supported" on iPhone 14 series models

You can always check to see if there is a system update for your iPhone by going to Settings > General > Software Update. Meanwhile, Apple is also recommending that those who see the "SIM Not Supported" pop-up message wait a few minutes to see if the message disappears. Now here is the important thing to remember. If you do get the message about the SIM card and it doesn't go away, do not try to restore the device.

If you're in this situation and the message persists, you need to head over to the nearest Apple Store or authorized service provider and arrange to have the issue fixed. Apple has already had to deal with several bugs since the release of the iPhone 14 series including one issue that made the iPhone 14 Pro models shake and grind when users recorded video on them over third-party apps like Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat.

Late last month Apple released iOS 16.0.2 to exterminate that bug and several others. A week ago, iOS 16.0.3 was disseminated by Apple and among the issues it fixed was one that allowed a bad actor to send an email using two double quotation marks in the "from" field instead of the first part of a valid email address. The recipient, upon opening this email in the Apple Mail app, would see the app crash and the user would also get locked out of his Apple Mail account.

Apple is currently working on iOS 16.1 and has a beta program underway with the stable version of the build expected to be released at the end of this month. Will it contain a patch to fix the issue of the SIM pop-up screen? After all, Apple has admitted that this is a real thing and not everyone is going to feel like heading to the Apple Store or an authorized repair center to get the issue fixed.

Apple put the kibosh on SIM cards with the iPhone 14 series

Additionally, with Apple reminding users to stay up to date with the software on their phones it sure sounds like the company might be working to exterminate this bug via a software update. Stay tuned.

We should remind everyone that Apple put the kibosh on physical SIM cards with the iPhone 14 series. Instead, the 2022 iPhone models feature eSIM (embedded SIM) which is a chip that gets soldered to the phone's motherboard. With an eSIM, switching networks is easier requiring just a phone call or a visit to a website. Up to five virtual eSIM cards can be stored on a single eSIM at a time. If your usual network is down for some reason, you can quickly switch to another one.

You can also have the same advantage that dual-SIM phones offer; the ability to have two numbers on a single handset. One number can be for work and another for play. You'll be able to receive phone calls and texts on both numbers all of the time while you'll choose which number to use to make calls, send texts, or use data.

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Using an eSIM also gives the phone manufacturer more internal room to work with because the SIM card tray is no longer needed.

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