A groundbreaking Apple A16 processor in the cards for iPhone 14

A groundbreaking Apple A16 processor in the cards for iPhone 14
Apple's ARM-based mobile processors in the iPhone or iPad feature custom made cores and graphics subsystem, and optimizations for the iOS operating system that is running on them, and that is something no other gadget maker can replicate with ease.

The A13 cores in the iPhone 11 series, for instance, are both more efficient and powerful than the stock ARM Cortex ones that most Android-bound chipsets from other processor makers. That partially explains also how Apple finally caught up to competing Android flagships in battery life with the humbler pack capacities that it uses in the iPhone 11 models, too.

We can expect the same from the A14, it seems, as an alleged Geekbench score from the rumored first mobile chipset built on the 5nm process returned some breathtaking scores, and, more importantly, were the first mobile processor that passed the 3GHz mark. While your iPhone 12 won't be running at these peаk 3.1 GHz speeds listed in the benchmark at all times, that's still very impressive. Wait, there is more!

The iPhone 14 processor may land with groundbreaking power and efficiency

Since the iPhone 12 may very well be the first phone to run on the newest 5nm chipset production method, the iPhone 13 next year is expected to still use a 5nm Apple A15, most likely the second generation of the production process.

While its power and efficiency envelope will be similar to the A14 we are expecting this year, Apple's processor foundry TSMC is making trial runs of the even newer, 3nm production process, reports Digitimes

TSMC has evidently entered mass production of Apple's A14 chipsets, and is working to develop variants of the 5nm fabrication to likely test for next year's iPhones. In the meantime, however, the 3nm process has been mapped out, and the first chips are expected to be made in trial batches in 2021, while mass production is expected for 2022.

That's just in time for the iPhone 14, and, given that 3nm is the threshold where chip designs and production hit their absolute limits, we can expect the 3nm iPhone to be a breathtaking endeavor, both in terms of battery efficiency, and computing prowess, so we can't wait to hit that milestone.

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