New Anker accessory makes any case a MagSafe case

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New Anker accessory makes any case a MagSafe case
Anker is known not only for its wide range of budget-friendly audio products and electronics, but also for various solid phone accessories—ones that are friendly for your wallet and generally quite functional. 

The latest accessory Anker has come up is the Anker 310 Magnetic Ring, which will turn any old phone case into a MagSafe-compatible case with a simple, flat magnetic strip you slap onto the outside of the case.

This may prove especially welcome to iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 owners who may have broken the bank buying their most recent handset, and found themselves using more run-of-the-mill non-MagSafe cases for their daily driver. Apple's own series of MagSafe cases are great, but they start at $49, which definitely isn't as cheap as cases come.

The new listing for the Anker 310 Magnetic Ring follows in the footsteps of Spigen's launch of a similar product, the OneTap MagSafe Metal Plate, which essentially does the same thing. Anker's version, as could be expected, is much more affordable, clocking in at under ten dollars—which makes sense if you're trying to save money by not buying a high-end MagSafe case in the first place.

Anker 310 Magnetic Ring

Anker's Magnetic Ring for iPhone the 12/iPhone 13 series makes any case MagSafe-compatible

Anker's Magnetic Ring works for all models of both the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 series, including the mini variants. Each magnetic ring comes with a paper alignment guide to help you line up the ring properly before gluing it, to make sure MagSafe wireless charging is as efficient as possible. 

And, surprisingly, the Magnetic Ring is reusable. The company says that even if you peel off the Magnetic Ring to put it on a different case, the adhesive will remain sticky and allow you to use it again and again.

Anker recommends that you use a phone case on the thinner side (less than 2 mm thick) with a flat surface for the best experience, as the Magnetic Ring simply sticks to the back to provide a magnetic surface and proper alignment for your wireless MagSafe charger.

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