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Google releases Android 12 beta 2 to compatible Pixel models

Google releases Android 12 beta 2 to compatible Pixel models
Pixel owners are another step closer to receiving Android 12 as 9to5Google said today that Google has started to push out Android 12 beta 2 to Pixel users (Pixel 3 and up). The update includes several of the new privacy features being added to the operating system with the new build including a 24-hour timeline showing which apps have accessed your phone's camera, microphone, and location data.

Another feature found in the new beta is a message that pops up to alert you when an app is reading your clipboard. Since users often copy important account numbers or passwords on their clipboards, it is important to know who is getting to read this data. The only time this message doesn't appear is when the data on the clipboard that an app can read was copied from that very app.

Similar to the Orange and Green dots found above the cell signal bars on an iPhone (which indicates when an app is using your handset's microphone and camera respectively), Android 12 beta 2 users will see microphone or camera indicators when apps are using those two sensors.

A new "Internet" tile in Quick Settings will show you your phone's online connections including the name of your Wi-Fi network. Tapping on the Wi-Fi icon will allow you to quickly disable your Wi-Fi connection and will also show you a list of nearby Wi-Fi signals and give you the option to turn off/on your cellular network. The update also adds a GPay tile to Quick Settings to replace "Cards & passes."

To become an Android 12 beta tester for your Pixel, open the Android Beta Program site and tap the button that says "View your eligible devices." Follow the directions and you'll receive the Android 12 beta 2 update OTA. Once you receive notification that the update is on your phone, go to Settings > System > Advanced > System update.

If your Pixel is your daily driver, you might want to wait for the final version of Android 12 before installing it. After all, the Android 12 beta 2 update is not stable and apps that you might need for work or play might not be working at full capability during the beta testing.
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