Ear sweat appearing on your AirPods Max? Apple says that you should do this

Ear sweat appearing on your AirPods Max? Apple says that you should do this
Apple recently launched the AirPods Max, the over-ear headphones that feature active noise cancellation and transparency mode. The former blocks unwanted ambient noise from the headphones while the latter allows the user to select when to hear ambient noises. There are times, for example, when you're at the airport listening for the announcement that your flight is boarding, when you want to hear outside noises. Or you're walking in the city and would prefer to hear the sounds of cars zipping by you or blowing their horns. In those cases, transparency mode would be useful, allowing you to listen to what is going on around you.

Now it appears as though AirPods Max owners are having a problem with condensation. A Twitter user by the name of Donald Filimon (@donaldfilimon) disseminated a tweet in which he wrote, "So, uhh... my AirPods Max form condensation after extended use. They’ve never been used in any humid environment. The water gets inside the drivers and has caused ear detection problems. I’ve been wearing them inside sitting at a desk mainly, nothing crazy. Super concerning issue." Filimon also wrote about his experience on Reddit where he had the space to elaborate. He said, "Been using them inside at my desk, a little cold in the room but besides that pretty casual. Honestly have kept them so far away from any moisture because of their lack of water resistance. Absolutely love them, but this is a very concerning thing for me. Not sure how widespread this is, but I just noticed this yesterday because of the ear detection not functioning properly. The headphones seem to restore back to normal functionality when dry, but the fact that they condensate is interesting." Filimon shared photos of his AirPods Max with the condensation visible.

While AirPods Max owners might not be happy with the moisture showing up on their expensive headphones, condensation is not unusual on such a device. Apple suggests that users pop out the cushions and with a "soft, dry, lint-free cloth," wipe down the metal interior of the wearable. And yes, users might feel that ear sweat is disgusting. But the cushions used on the AirPods Max do trap heat and air. And the outside of the ear does sweat. Following Apple's directions might help.

The AirPods Max is priced at $549 and is available in Green, Silver, Sky Blue, Pink, and Space Gray.

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