YouTube may block viewers from watching due to ad blocker usage

YouTube may block viewers from watching due to ad blocker usage
YouTube actively seeks ways to encourage more users to opt for its Premium subscription plan or refrain from using ad blockers on the platform.

According to reports from Bleeping Computer (via Engadget), YouTube is currently conducting experiments to warn users who employ ad blockers on their browsers to disable them. Failure to do so will result in a limitation of video access to just three videos on YouTube. This experiment applies to both desktop and mobile users.

Initially observed by a Reddit user, it quickly became apparent that numerous users were encountering this experiment. When users with ad blockers installed attempt to watch videos, a warning message appears, stating that video playback will be blocked unless YouTube is whitelisted or the ad blocker is deactivated.

The message also emphasizes that ads are vital for YouTube creators to earn income and if you prefer an ad-free viewing experience, you should subscribe to YouTube Premium.

When Bleeping Computer questioned the company about potentially blocking users with ad blockers, YouTube clarified that videos may not play for a short duration in certain cases. They stressed that this action is taken seriously and will only be implemented if viewers persistently ignore requests to watch ads on YouTube.

To avoid any inconvenience during this testing phase, users can disable their ad blockers, watch ads on YouTube, or opt for a YouTube Premium subscription. However, YouTube has not disclosed the number of users or specific locations involved in this experiment and receiving these warnings.

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With around 2.5 billion monthly active users worldwide, from which only 80 million YouTube Premium subscribers, YouTube aims to increase its user base for paid subscriptions. This experiment indicates the platform's determination to achieve that goal. Should this trial become a permanent feature, more individuals may be inclined to either subscribe to Premium or part ways with their ad blocker.

YouTube has some of the best content creators who make new videos every day. Because of this, YouTube will likely take bold steps to ensure creators are happy and convince more users to get premium YouTube subscriptions.

YouTube recently increased the price of its family subscription plan, leading many users to consider leaving the platform. Since then, YouTube has been working hard to keep its paid users happy and attract new subscribers by offering special features only available to premium members, such as loyalty badges and a new 1080p Premium option for better video quality.

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