YouTube Music introduces assistive playlists on Android and iOS

YouTube Music introduces assistive playlists on Android and iOS
YouTube Music has added a lot of new features and improvements in the last couple of months, but the most recent one is quite useful for those who'd like to listen to similar songs that made it their favorite playlists.

As the title says, YouTube Music now features so-called “assistive playlists,” an easy way to provide users with suggestions of relevant songs based on playlist name, existing songs in the playlists, and listening history.

Google's algorithm will now know what music you like and suggests songs that are not on your playlists but you might like. The new feature offers up to seven suggestions when editing playlists, but you can add even more when you hit the Refresh button.

If you missed any of the previous new features introduced by YouTube Music in recent months, here is a quick rundown of the most important ones. First off, we have collaborative playlists that let you create and modify playlists with other YouTube Music users.

Then, there are the profile page playlists that allow you to browse other listener's public music playlists and uploaded music videos from their profile page on the music streaming service.

With the new “Mixed for You” section in the YouTube Music home feed, users can easily find playlists created by Google including Discover mix, New release mix, Your mix, and Liked songs playlists.

Last but not least, YouTube Music has been improved with programmed mood and genre playlists for those who want to listen to specific tunes. All the new YouTube Music features are now available worldwide on Android and iOS devices.

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