You can keep your VR headset if you return the Galaxy S8 due to manufacturing defects


The Galaxy S8 launch was not completely uneventful, as many users have noticed a red tint on their phone's display. Although Samsung was pretty quick in delivering a software update that supposedly fixes the issue, some Galaxy S8 owners plan to return their phones and ask for a refund.

We've been recently tipped off by one of our readers who claims his Samsung Galaxy S8 recently received the update that should fix the red tint issue, but it didn't do what was supposed to do. When he called Samsung and requested a refund, he was told that he could keep the Samsung Gear VR headset he received for free when he pre-ordered the Galaxy S8.

Also, he was reassured that keeping the VR headset will not affect the refund and that he will receive the full amount when returning the Samsung Galaxy S8 he pre-ordered.

The Samsung agent was very clear about that and added the return policy was enforced today, probably after other Galaxy S8/S8+ owners started asking for refunds.

Did you receive the red tint issue update from Samsung yet? If yes, did it addressed the problem or you plan on returning your Galaxy S8? If the latter, then Samsung got you all covered.

Thanks, rnagic!

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