You can amaze the kids by calling Santa from your Google Assistant enabled device

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If your kids still believe in Santa, Google has a pretty cool feature for Google Assistant that is a follow up on last year's Santa Tracker. Last year, asking Google Assistant on your phone or Google Home smart speaker "Where’s Santa right now?" kept your child's belief in Santa alive by giving a response appropriate to the myth. Had the feature been programmed to be more truthful, it might have answered by saying, "That 60-year old department store Santa you met today is trying to blot out the aggravation of having 1,000 kids sit on his lap by getting drunk at some dive on the lower West side."

This year, Google once again keeps the myth alive by allowing Google Assistant on your phone or Google Home smart speaker to appear to make a legitimate call to Santa. This will absolutely wow the young ones. Simply say, "Okay Google. Call Santa." When "the call" is answered, your kids will be asked to answer some questions and sing along to some Christmas music performed by Santa and his band. Once again, the kids will be spared the truth and won't learn that the Apple iPhone X they are getting for the holidays was actually bought by Mom and Dad, and that the department store Santa can't come to the phone because he's nursing a hangover.

Not all devices are running this feature at the moment. Our Moto Z Force Droid simply referred us to third party apps that pretend to call you from the North Pole. Others swear that asking Google Assistant to call Santa does work, and charms the little ones. We assume that Google's North Pole unit is working hard to get this, uh, Easter Egg up and running in time for it to work on all Google Assistant enabled devices in time for Christmas. To see what is supposed to happen when you ask Google Assistant to call Santa, click on the video at the top of this story.

Now, please excuse me while yours truly puts in a call to Santa to ask for an Apple iPhone X, a Samsung Galaxy Note 8, or a Huawei Mate 10 Pro.

source: Google

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