Yes we can: HTC One for Chinese carriers officially rolls with a microSD and two SIM card slots


It seems that the poll we ran last week whether you'd choose between a removable battery or unibody design, should have had a third option - a hybrid. The HTC One is landing on all major Chinese carriers, but it is not your regular version.

We saw it leaked not long ago with removable back cover, a microSD slot for storage expansion, and an extra SIM card slots for maintaining two carrier networks at once. Granted, the battery still seems sealed, or at least not easy to access without unscrewing and ungluing, but we wonder what repairability score this one would get.

The president of HTC China said that the One there is tailored to the local preferences, which are apparently as many SIM cards as you can get, and so they literally had to cut into the existing unibody design to create a removable back cover on each handset, thus making the snuggest fit for that particular unit. As for the red version bandied about there, HTC responded that it is tailored for Japan and some other regions where the color was shown to be preferable, but which exactly are those other regions wasn't specified.

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