Yes, the Google Pixel Buds' coolest feature will work with the 2016 Pixel phones

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So, one of the coolest things we saw at the Google Pixel event was the Pixel Buds' translate feature. It translates the conversation between two parties that speak different languages in real time and only needs two items to do so — a Pixel 2 phone and the Pixel Buds. When one person speaks through their device (the Pixel mic or the Buds' mic), the other one hears the Translate speech engine in their designated earpiece and vice versa.

So, ever since the presentation, we had two burning questions:

  • Will this Translate work on the 2016 Pixel phones?
  • Will this Translate work on other Android devices?

The answers are, respectively — yes, it will work on the OG Pixels and no, it won't work on other phones as it's a Pixel-exclusive feature. The Buds will work on Android 5+ devices and will pair with Google Assistant on Android 6+ devices, but no Translate unless you have a Pixel.

The live translate feature works with the Google Translate app and currently supports 40 languages, listed below.


source: Google

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