Yanko designed speaker concept increases or decreases with a fold

Yanko designed speaker concept increases or decreases with a fold
We've all experienced at some time or another at how weak some speakers on some mobile phone can output audio that's too weak to be enjoyed by all who are awaiting to hear some audible tunes. Instead, we can sometimes opt to purchase additional accessories such as an external speaker to replace the inferior tones emitted by a phone's internal speaker. Thankfully there is a Yanko designed speaker concept that takes the process of increasing or decreasing volume to a totally different level. Strength in numbers can usually allow for appropriate volume levels, but this speaker designed by Chun-Chieh Yang requires you to fold it in specific directions to allow volume to either increase or decrease. Not only is it quite a refreshing look in the way we adjust volume, but it can be easily folded up into a small square shape to allow you to bring it along very easily. In addition, this puzzle like concept could be a hit with kids as it would teach them shapes and whatnot, but also show them how sound can be adjusted.

source: Yanko via Gizmodo


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