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Xiaomi sold 11 million smartphones in three months, aims to push 60 million units in 2014

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Xiaomi sold 11 million smartphones in three months, aims to push 60 million units in 2014

It's the end of Q1 2014, and China's Xiaomi is boasting with a record 11 million smartphones sold and shipped across the past three months. That's an extremely impressive achievement for a small four-year old Chinese company. Consider that Samsung, with its humongous scale and gargantuan marketing presence, managed to sell 30 million Galaxy S4 handsets in three months last year. Today, Xiaomi is just 4 million sales short of reaching half of the South Korean giant's numbers. It seems they don't call Xiaomi "China's Apple" for no reason. The company is growing astonishingly fast on the backs of its extremely low-priced handsets, which the Chinese market gobbles by in the hundreds of thousands minutes after their launch.

Xiaomi's massive success is already sparking a new surge of confidence in its CEO, Lei Jun. Last year, the company saw a growth of 160% from 2012, with sales amounting to 18.7 million. Reflecting on the news, Jun raised his sales target for 2014 from 40 million to 60 million units. It will be very interesting to see if Xiaomi will sustain and advance its momentum to achieve such an impressive milestone. Or who knows, maybe the company has it all figured out and is actually aiming towards exceeding it.

In addition to selling smartphones like hotcakes, the Chinese vendor is planning a successive global expansion for 2014 that will see it reach Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Europe. Meanwhile, the company's VP and ex-Google executive Hugo Barra confirmed that Xiaomi's latest model, the Redmi Note, will be available internationally in May. The phablet offers upper mid-range specs at what could be considered an entry-level price.

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