Xiaomi patents phone design with two displays and one mega camera

Xiaomi patents phone design with two displays and one mega camera
These days it’s getting increasingly difficult for a phone maker to create a device that stands out. Most flagships are eerily similar-looking from the front, and the differences on the back are largely limited to the shape of the camera module.

But Xiaomi has a phone in the works that will definitely make an impression if released. The unique design was revealed in a recently published patent application quickly spotted by TechiesBlog.

The design focuses on two things: display and camera, which is not really surprising by itself, but the implementation is unique.

The main display flows over the edges of the device and even loops around to reach the back panel. We’ve already seen that concept in the Mi Mix Alpha, but this is not it. On the back, there is a second display that starts just millimeters from where the front one ends.

This display takes up about two-thirds of the back panel and is likely meant to serve as a viewfinder so you can use the main camera for selfies.

Speaking of the camera, there’s only one of it but it’s massive, basically taking up the rest of the back panel. The plan is for the lens to extend from the body of the phone just like it does on compact cameras. Behind it, Xiaomi is planning to put the 108MP sensor it’s using for the Mi 10 Pro, for example.

With an extendable lens, Xiaomi will bring the zoom war that’s going on among manufacturers to another level. Of course, the mechanism immediately raises questions about the phone’s durability and water resistance.

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The provided illustrations are surprisingly detailed for a patent application, which might signal that the phone could become a reality sooner rather than later. The concept looks intriguing and hopefully, the real thing will be as close as possible to it.

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