Xiaomi gives the in-display fingerprint scanner more real estate, making it easier to use

One problem with current in-display fingerprint scanners like the ones found on the OnePlus 6T and Huawei Mate 20 Pro, is that the area of the screen where the user must tap is limited in size. To make sure that his finger is touching the exact area of the display required for the biometric scanner to do its thing, the phone's owner usually has to look down at the screen while touching it. This could make unlocking the phone on the run a bit problematic.

As it turns out, Chinese phone manufacturer Xiaomi might have solved this problem for its users. The company's co-founder and president, Bin Lin, took to Weibo (via GSM Arena) to post a video that shows a prototype handset with a larger active unlocking area on the screen. Bin's original video was uploaded on YouTube, and you can find it at the top of this article. The executive says that the unlocking area on the prototype measures 50mm x 25mm, 5 times the size of current in-display fingerprint readers. This larger space allows users to unlock their phone without having to stop to see exactly where to place their finger on the glass.

Bin says that if the technology is well received by Xiaomi fans, he will have it included on future handsets. Meanwhile, yesterday Oppo revealed that next month, it will show off a new in-display fingerprint scanner at MWC in Barcelona. This new biometric reader will come with an active unlocking area 15 times larger than the space used on current models equipped with the feature.


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