Xiaomi Mi 5 Pro's ceramic back gets scratched, drilled, and filed on video, fares better than expected

Xiaomi Mi 5 Pro's ceramic back gets scratched, drilled, and filed on video, fares better than expected
Okay, we admit - we like to watch the latest and greatest devices get tortured, smashed, totaled, wrecked, and we just can't help it! Earlier today, we got to see a Galaxy S7 edge literally burst in fumes and flames after an unfortunate rendezvous with a hydraulic press, but sadly, this did not sate our hunger for destruction!

Fortunately, we stumbled upon a brand new torture test of the Xiaomi Mi 5 Pro. "What a perfect timing," we thought, "this might keep us satisfied for a while". Unfortunately, it didn't - it turns out the Mi 5 Pro is a bit more resilient than we imagined.

Part of this is due to its ceramic back, which proves to be quite sturdy as it survives scratching, filing, and even drilling by a sadistic gentleman. Well, at least it seems that the phone handles these treatments well - the video is not exactly what we'd call a high-res one, so any small scratches or damage certainly can't be spotted. 

Watch it out below and judge yourselves.

source: MIUI ROM via GSMArena



2. Arschsalat

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Beaker ? is it you ?

3. Landon

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Déjà vu? Employees at PA...do you even talk to each other?

10. MrElectrifyer

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Doubt they even read the articles of one another...

4. Gadgetex

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Chinese are getting better everyday that goes by.

5. avinash22i

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This article has already been in PA right!!! or am I imagining things.

7. kumarabhishek591

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8. Mube007

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when phonearena review mi5?

11. Konkit

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as soon as they find enough flaw to fill "cons" part and they'll give it 6/10

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