XDA developer gets Android Wear to (partially) power the Samsung Gear 2

XDA developer gets Android Wear to (partially) power the Samsung Gear 2
So let's assume that you own the Tizen powered Samsung Gear 2, but what you really want is for the watch to be powered by Android Wear. After all, with Android Wear you can use Google Now, employ voice recognition, and take advantage of the much larger developer support for the platform. Well, you could always purchase the Samsung Gear Live which is indeed powered by Android Wear, but who wants to have to spend more money to buy a new watch?

The good news is that an XDA member with the handle of biktor_gj has ported over Android Wear to the Samsung Gear 2. Not all of the features are working, mind you. It took four months to get the watch to boot up using Android Wear, and only Touch and Bluetooth support are working at this stage.

Android Wear doesn't have an open source project like Android has, which means that it might take some time to port over things like the motion sensor and audio, although biktor_gj is optimistic that he will be able to get these working on the watch eventually. Feel free to click on the slideshow to check out a few images of the Samsung Gear 2 driven by Android Wear.

source: XDA (1), (2), (3) via SamMobile, Engadget

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