Wozniak says the Apple iPhone is "somewhat behind" on smartphone features

Wozniak says the Apple iPhone is "somewhat behind" on smartphone features
Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak was attending Businessweek's Best Brand Awards and made some interesting comments about the Apple iPhone. First, the Woz noted how proud he was of the many loyal fans of Apple's iconic smartphone. But in the same breath, Wozniak warned that loyalty is not a given and that it is still up to Apple to produce the best products. Wozniak then added that in his opinion, the Apple iPhone has fallen behind in terms of smartphone features. He said that other manufacturers have caught up to Apple. Wozniak pointed out that Samsung is a "big competitor" that is making "great products".

On Wednesday, we told you that Apple and Samsung together accounted for 103% of smartphone profits last year. Apple is currently selling its 6th generation Apple iPhone 5 while Samsung has a couple of hot models with the Samsung Galaxy S III and the Samsung GALAXY Note II. While Wozniak's comments praised the Korean manufacturer, Apple and Samsung are gearing up for the sequel to last year's heavyweight courtroom showdown over allegedly infringed patents. The first case resulted in a $1.05 billion jury verdict for Apple, although Samsung has said that it would appeal the decision.

Samsung has turned its Galaxy S line into the flagship Android model. Like the Apple iPhone, which every year introduces a new model that fans and pundits wait for by guessing at the new features, the Samsung Galaxy S III was leaked over the course of months until it was introduced. Samsung has packed a number of features into its new models such as multiwindows which allows users to split the screen in half to run two apps at once; Smart Stay which keeps the phone from going to sleep if the front-facing camera sees that you aren't; and S Beam which lets two Samsung Galaxy S III models tap to share files, photos and videos. Samsung even used the S Beam on its commercials making fun of Apple iPhone users waiting on line for the next model.

source: electronista

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