Would you buy a secondhand smartphone?

Would you buy a secondhand smartphone?
Smartphones are a bit expensive, there's no denying that. Especially if you are tempted into craving one of handsets that sport that special camera, powerful hardware, or just the right amount of hype around them. That's why a lot of people prefer to go for a secondhand smartphone — it might be a bit scuffed and you might not get the original box, but hey, at least you've got the gadget at a hefty discount!

Others, however, are very particular about their belongings being freshly new. Some just want to have the warranty and peace of mind that the gizmo hasn't been tampered with in the past. Others want that unboxing experience and pristine, scratch-free panel, at least for the first few days ("It may be scratched, but those are my scratches on it!"). There are also people out there who don't feel comfortable handling a device that has someone else's finger grease on it and that has spent a lot of time being pressed against someone else's ear.

So, whatever your reasoning may be, we are curious to know — do you, or would you, buy secondhand smartphones?

Do you (would you) buy used smartphones?

Always - I see no reason to buy new with all the deals out there
I am not strictly against it - if the right offer is there at the right time, I'll snag it
I would buy a used smartphone only as a backup device
Never would I ever buy a used smartphone

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