World's thinnest smartphone, the Oppo Finder, can now be pre-ordered

World's thinnest smartphone, the Oppo Finder, can now be pre-ordered
Trying to answer the question of which smartphone is the thinnest is like trying to hit a moving target. No, it is not the Motorola DROID RAZR, which once held the title at 7.1mm. No, it is no longer the Huawei Ascend P1, which is 6.68mm thick. The ZTE Athena? Some day that 6.2mm device will get the title when it is launched, but for now the title of the world's thinnest smartphone belongs to the Oppo Finder.

Coming in at 6.65mm thick, the Oppo Finder can now be pre-ordered through June 24th from the sourcelink, and shipments are expected to go out on July 1st. The Oppo Finder will set you back 2,498 Yuan which sounds like a lot more than its U.S. equivalent of $393 USD. The handset offers you a 4.3 inch  Super AMOLED Plus touchscreen with a dual-core 1.5GHz processor under the hood. 1GB of RAM is on board and there is 16GB of native storage. The 8MP camera on back has a pair of LED flash units and captures video in 1080p. We wouldn't want to forget about the 1.3MP front-facing shooter that records in 720p. Android 4.0 is installed right out of the box.

In the smartphone world, thin is in and while all we have seen of the ZTE Athena is a teaser for the 6.2mm device, the Oppo Finder is here in its 6.65mm glory now, ready for you to plunk down your money to pre-order the phone. At this point, we would not be terribly optimistic about seeing this in the States.

source: Oppo via UnwiredView

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