Windows RT devices to sport up to 17 days of connected standby, some are thinner than the new iPad

Windows RT devices with ARM-based processors to sport up to 17 days of active connected standby
The whole purpose of Windows RT is for Microsoft's most important operating system edition so far to take advantage of the frugal processors with ARM architecture, and it seems that the undertaking will carry the intended advantages, according to the latest "Building Windows 8" blog post by Redmond.

Windows RT tablets and notebooks will have a feature similar to Apple's PowerNap, where they maintain their connected state while powering down most other battery-drawing functions. Thus the active standby of an Windows RT device has shown in internal tests to be between 13.3 to the whopping 17 days of staying connected on a single charge, while HD video playback has continued from 8 hours to 13 hours, depending on the tested device.


Early production range

HD Video Playback

8 hours to 13 hours of scenario run time

Connected Standby

320 hours to 409 hours of scenario run time

Microsoft spilled some more beans what kind of devices can we expect at launch with Windows RT - they will be made by Asus, Samsung, Dell and Lenovo, and will have 10.1 to 11.6" screens in a tablet and convertible notebook form factors. The lightest ones seem to be just 520g, whereas thickness hits 8.35mm, which means that we will have a Win RT slate that will be thinner than the new iPad.

System characteristics

Measurement range

Weight (g)

520g to 1200g

Length (mm)

263mm to 298mm

Width (mm)

168.5mm to 204mm

Height (mm)

8.35mm to 15.6mm

source: Microsoft

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