Windows 8/RT officially arrives on October 26th

Windows 8/RT officially arrives on October 26th
Those of you excited about Microsoft’s take on tablet computing (whether software or hardware) now have a specific date to pine away for: October 26th. Earlier today Steven Sinofsky, Microsoft’s head of Windows development, made the date official at their annual sales meeting, and word was posted to the official Windows blog.

No word on whether Windows Phone 8 will also ship on that date, but if not we’re sure it won’t be too far behind. Windows 8/RT promises to be the largest overhaul of the Windows UI since at least Windows 95, with a shift to a far more mobile-centric workflow featuring Window Phone 7’s Metro UI. In fact many industry observers have questioned whether desktop and laptop users will be much interested in the new version, although a slew of tablet converters and touch laptop hybrids promises to offer several different use models, alongside tablets based on both x86 and ARM chips.

Who is getting excited for this release out there? And do you plan to go with Microsoft’s own hardware, or see what other Windows OEMs cook up?

source: Microsoft via The Verge


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