Windows Phone 8.1, Lumia Cyan get pushed out in Australia and New Zealand

Windows Phone 8.1, Lumia Cyan get pushed out in Australia and New Zealand
G'day mates. If you live down under and own a Windows Phone 8 flavored Nokia Lumia handset, the Windows Phone 8.1 and Lumia Cyan updates are on the way this weekend. The former is the latest build of Microsoft's mobile operating system, while the latter includes new features and enhancements for Nokia Lumia models only.

Some of the enhancements with the Lumia Cyan update include improvements for the camera and the camera roll. Those with the Nokia Lumia 1520 phablet, and the Verizon exclusive Nokia Lumia Icon, will be able to record audio in Dolby surround sound. And Lumia owners will be able to save apps and games to a microSD card.

Windows Phone 8.1 adds a third column of  live tiles, a customizable lockscreen, and the updated Internet Explorer 11, among other features. IE11 includes a new HTML5 YouTube player. The virtual QWERTY will now offer Word Flow, a Swype style method of typing.

Besides receiving the updates from Microsoft, the new features and improvements can be found right out of the box on the Nokia Lumia 630, Nokia Lumia 635 and Nokia Lumia 930.

source: TechRadar



1. AfterShock

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2. DogeShibe

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3. ManusImperceptus

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4. DogeShibe

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I know that already. Check that and my phone atleast twice an hour :(

6. Nokia99

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I check it 10 times a day !

11. rsiders

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Patience Doge Shibe. Trust me from experience. Don't wear yourself out worrying about this update. Just sit back and let the good times

7. BahrainBoy

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Dude even that page is not up to date..... LOL some countries got the update and in their site its still under testing.

5. moinkhan321

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What about india, i have 525

10. aditya.k

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My friend with a 620 has got it..

8. javy108

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In Honduras I had to try Dev Version to have WP 8.1 and is really amazing !! Guys go and register as Dev users and update ur phone from W8 to 8.1, WP8 is really disappointing when u look at what was waiting for u with WP8.1

9. mickle

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Has anyone in Australia received this update yet?

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