Windows Phone 7 product placement continues on ABC's 'Castle'

Windows Phone 7 product placement continues on ABC's 'Castle'
If you haven't gotten the message yet, Microsoft really wants you to buy a Windows Phone 7 device. After splitting a $1 billion ad budget with Kinect, Windows Phone 7 should do pretty well. While we should have seen it coming, we honestly weren't expecting so much blatant product placement. WP7 has now made a long-winded appearance on ABC's 'Castle,' starring Nathan Fillion from 'Firefly'.

In its 30-second presence on 'Castle,' the WP7 device helps Nathan Fillion's character to find a particular location with his voice-cued Bing Maps. It's interesting to note that in all previous episodes of 'Castle,' Nathan Fillion's character uses an iPhone. We don't judge Microsoft for such shameless placement. Audience members that don't have a DVR are often watching their shows online; it's getting harder to reach your audience.

The OS has encountered similar heroism on FOX's 'Bones,' where Dr. 'Bones' Brennan gets a text on her WP7 device during an interrogation. Before that, WP7 appeared on CBS' 'Hawaii Five-O,' where a character actually told another to "Bing it," when referring to a search. Microsoft is obviously trying to achieve a ubiquitous verb-form of their brand, as there is with Google (i.e. "Google it").

source: WPCentral

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