Windows Mobile 6.5 loses its honeycomb start menu

Windows Mobile 6.5 loses its honeycomb start menu
Microsoft recently unveiled its latest mobile operating system - Windows Mobile 6.5 and typically for the developer, there wasn’t an abundance of new features. However, what the new OS could be remembered for was its strangely-looking, yet sweet honeycomb Start menu. This was something unique really, but it seems that users have given it some negative feedback and as a result, the honeycomb interface is gone. Microsoft revealed this at the MIX09 conference. Actually, the icons have maintained their original honeycomb layout, but have gotten larger, which is nice since they would be easier to press. On the other hand, those outlines really looked fresh. We certainly regret they have been removed and hope that Microsoft would eventually leave them there as an option. Apart from the hexagons, an improvement to the scrolling has been made. Now, by sliding a finger up and down, the list of icons will not just go from one end to another. The scrolling will hold to where your finger has released the screen. That is great. Another thing that would be nice is if the developers add an option for icon reordering so that we would be able to personalize the menu.

source: ArsTechnica

Windows Mobile 6.5 loses its honeycomb start menu



1. PapaJay224

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WinMo needs to create a cell phone UI similar to bberry in the sense that you have windows security and durablity with a Storm (R) Style UI that alows you to still minipulate your setting but not have so much clutter and temp files that lag the phone. The wole start menu and file explorer are getting kind of old, and so is the fact that you have to access Task manager every 30 min just to keep the phone from lagging. CMon MSoft Figure it out, If apple can do it why can't you? Build a phone like the zune, that turned out ok...

2. Slayor721

Posts: 43; Member since: Dec 27, 2008

yea. i agree wit u.

3. siamnd

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