Windows 7 runs on an Android Wear smartwatch and you'll never guess how long it takes to boot

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Seeing Windows run on an Android Wear smartwatch isn't anything new to us, seasoned mobile technology scribes. Not Windows 7, though. Not anything remotely like this. We thought Windows 95, Windows 98, and an ancient build of Counter-Strike 1.6 is about as far as the trend of running PC software on smart watches can go. But developers are unstoppable these days.

What are the benefit of running a full-blown Windows 7 installation on your wrist-worn? Truth be told, they pretty much begin and end with hacking cred. Not only is the tiny touchscreen incapable of servicing an operating system never meant for it, but the darn thing takes three hours – that's right, the whole 180 minutes – to boot! Needless to say, you have to keep your wearable charged during the process, or else chances are the watch will squeeze the last drop of battery and shut itself down just as you see the Aero desktop reveal itself before you in glorious 280 x 280 resolution.

In case you have absolutely nothing better to do with your life, there's a video tutorial on how to get Windows 7 working on your Android Wear smartwatch with ABD enabled. You can watch it here (link).

via Android Community

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