Will you disable Apple's power management if your older iPhone could shut down?

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Apple did the right thing after the whole older-iPhones-get-throttled controversy, and, besides a $29 battery replacement service, will be giving users the right to choose whether they want a performance hit but stable operations, or would gamble on current peaks that can force an aging battery to shut the handset down in certain scenarios.

Yes, in a future iOS update, Apple will give iPhone owners the ability to turn off that particular thread in its power management software that throttles the CPU on handsets with older battery packs. Users will be warned of the potential risks for unexpected shutdowns in extreme scenarios, but will be able to choose their poison, if they haven't opted for the $29 battery replacements that Apple is giving out.

That is why we wanted to ask you whether you would take advantage of the new option, and which way you would lean - towards a faster, more powerful, but more unstable handset, or you would be fine with the way things are. Needless to say, you can also shell three tens, swap the battery on your older iPhone with a new one, and be on your merry way.

Will you disable Apple's throttling if your iPhone could potentially shut down?

I'll be taking advantage of Apple's $29 battery replacement offer

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